Exchange Rate USD Dollars to Swiss Francs

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 1 Dollars = 0.91 Swiss Francs πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Last Update: 25 minutes ago

Conversion Table

USD Dollars CHF Swiss Francs
1 Dollars $ 0.91 Swiss Francs
2 Dollars $ 1.82 Swiss Francs
5 Dollars $ 4.55 Swiss Francs
10 Dollars $ 9.10 Swiss Francs
50 Dollars $ 45.50 Swiss Francs
100 Dollars $ 91.00 Swiss Francs
200 Dollars $ 182.00 Swiss Francs
500 Dollars $ 455.00 Swiss Francs
1,000 Dollars $ 910.00 Swiss Francs
2,000 Dollars $ 1,820.00 Swiss Francs
5,000 Dollars $ 4,550.00 Swiss Francs
CHF Swiss Francs USD Dollars
1 Swiss Francs $ 1.10 Dollars
2 Swiss Francs $ 2.20 Dollars
5 Swiss Francs $ 5.49 Dollars
10 Swiss Francs $ 10.99 Dollars
50 Swiss Francs $ 54.95 Dollars
100 Swiss Francs $ 109.89 Dollars
200 Swiss Francs $ 219.78 Dollars
500 Swiss Francs $ 549.45 Dollars
1,000 Swiss Francs $ 1,098.90 Dollars
2,000 Swiss Francs $ 2,197.80 Dollars
5,000 Swiss Francs $ 5,494.51 Dollars

Currency converter calculator

501 USD Dollars      455.91 CHF Swiss Francs
Today Apr/22/2024 with a exchange rate of 1 Dollars = 0.91 Swiss Francs, you will get 455.91 Swiss Francs with 501 Dollars


How much is $100 USD Dollars in CHF Swiss Francs?

$100 Dollars currently exchanges at $ 91 Swiss Francs (exchange rate today is 0.91)

And $100 CHF Swiss Francs to USD Dollars?

$100 Swiss Francs are equal to $ 109.89 Dollars (based on today's exchange rate = 0.91).

Do Swiss stores accept USD Dollars?

Yes, but in some cases. On Airports and major places and cities might be accepted, but it depends on the store and where in Switzerland you are traveling to.

Can I withdraw money at any ATM? From any bank?

It depends on your bank, and in some cases, it could be costly. Before moving forward, make sure to call your American bank and check the fees for using the ATM network in another country, ask specifically the usage fees in Switzerland.

Is the airport the best place to exchange money and get Swiss Francs?

For sure NO, but you could exchange the money required to pay the taxi to get to your hotel in Switzerland and then think about exchanging money in a currency exchange house or kiosk.

How can I get the best exchange rate?

Research first and check nearby currency exchange houses. Avoid, if feasible, exchanging at the airport when arriving in Switzerland, tourist areas, and train stations.

Tips about money exchanging

Tip 1

Check that each Swiss Francs bill that you receive is in perfect condition, with no marks or scratches.

Tip 2

Avoid exchanging the money on the street because of its insecurity. The best thing is to use official exchange offices/houses in Switzerland where you can change safely.

Tip 3

Double-check prices of different exchange offices so that you are not surprised at that moment.

Facts about US bills

  1. Highest dollar bill is $10,000
  2. Women on US bills? Yes, Martha Washington
  3. Percentage of $1 bills? 45% printed bills
  4. 90% of the bills contain cocaine residue
  5. ISO code is USD More here
  6. Why there are 13 stars on the $1 bill? Because of the 13 original colonies.
  7. Broadly called American dollar, although there are dollars from other countries

How to detect fake US dollar bills?

  • Feel the texture of the paper
  • Check the thinness of the bill
  • Compare with another same denomination bill
  • Look for blurry areas around the borders
  • All US bills have colored fibers in the paper
  • Verify the portrait (should not appear blurred, nor dull)

More details here: WikiHow.


Facts about Swiss Franc bills

  1. Banknotes frequently used are 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 & 1,000 francs
  2. ISO code is CHF More here
  3. Plurals are Franken (in German), francs (in French), franchu (in Romansh), Stutz, Stei, Amiese, Frankler and Liber.
  4. This currency is used in Liechtenstein and some parts of Italy and Germany
  5. The abbreviation comes from Confoederatio Helvetica Franc

How to detect fake Swiss Franc banknotes

  • Hologram, at different angles you can see the map of Korea
  • It has watermarks for security
  • Compare with another same denomination bill
  • Look for blurry areas around the borders
  • All Swiss Francs bills have colored fibers in the paper
  • Verify the portrait (should not appear blurred, nor dull)